DIY Simple Sage Sticks for Beginners

DIY Simple Sage Sticks for Beginners

In this post, we will share how to make simple sage sticks for beginners. We believe that everyone needs to take care of their bodies and minds. Along with exercising ourselves in the academic sense, it is great to exercise our spiritually. Sage or smudge sticks are a great way to connect with our spiritual beings. We are beginners making these smudge sticks so why not share with other beginners? 

We find that cleansing the home of bad energy is essential to maintaining our happiness. Luckily, our garden plot holds resources that can attribute to our happiness.  Please read below if you want to get some insights from our sage stick journey!


  • sage, rosemary, thyme leaves
  • cotton thread
  • scissors
  • good energy!

Instructions for simple sage sticks for beginners

First, gather plants that typically burn well and smell great. Our garden plot produced rosemary, thyme, and sage that will contribute to our sage sticks. 

Second, carefully remove leaves from thicker branches of the plant. In the pictures above, the sage and the rosemary can be separated from a larger branch.

Third, gather a few sage leaves to start wrapping together. Continue to add more leaves from another plant like rosemary or thyme.  Now, use the cotton thread to secure the leaves in place. As you add more leaves, wrap the cotton thread to secure each new leaf in place. It is similar to twirling a string around your finger. Start to build the stick with more leaves until it is as thick and as long as desired.

Remember to have the upper-side of the leaves facing inward or towards the inside of the stick. This is to create more of a continuous and even burning pattern.

Burning smudge sticks is something that we do quite often. Peace, love, and prosperity!