DIY Portable Drip Irrigation
Drip Irrigation

DIY Portable Drip Irrigation

Keeping garden soil moist during the summer is a hard feat if you do not have an intricate irrigation system. This DIY portable drip irrigation helped us to maintain moist soil in our garden without making multiple trips to water the plot. This great idea saved time and conserved water at our community garden plot. Our 400 sq. ft. plot had about 6 different sections with at least two plants in each. We used 10 1-gallon plastic jugs to direct water to the roots of each plant by placing the jugs within 12-inches of the plant.


  • Ten 1-gallon plastic jugs (milk or water)
  • Any Hammer Nail
  • Fire Source (lighter or stove)

Instructions for DIY Portable Drip Irrigation

First, gather milk jugs (preferably with screw caps) from any local coffee shop. Rinse the milk out of the jugs. Then make four tiny holes near the bottom of the jug using a heated nail to penetrate the plastic. Anywhere between the middle and/or the bottom of the jug should work. Too high and the water will not soak into target areas of plants- unless you plan to plant the jug into the soil next to the plant.

Second, place in a designated area and fill with water. We removed about an inch or so of soil within 12-inches of the plants. In some areas of the plot, we removed more soil to secure the jug in place. Screw the tops of the jugs tightly, then slowly loosen the cap until a slow but steady stream of water is released from the jugs.

Third, enjoy easy watering! We returned once a day on very hot days or every other day, on cloudy days, to refill the jugs. we love this DIY portable drip irrigation system is a great efficient method to conserve water by concentrating on the roots of vegetables instead of the entire ground.