Self-acupuncture pen??

Self-acupuncture pen??

Acupuncture. Some may say it is quackery but at Veggies I Praise, we believe that there are some great benefits with regular self-acupuncture treatments.


Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very thin needles through the skin at meridian points on your body. It is a central point in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is mostly used to treat pain and is gaining use as a technique for overall wellness. Traditional Chinese medicine typically details acupuncture as a holistic technique for balancing the flow of energy or chi/qi (life force) that flow through meridians or pathways in a human body. In contrast, many Western wellness practitioners view acupuncture as a technique used to stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. Western applications promote that natural painkillers are created from routine acupuncture practice.


There are products that allow a person to do this for themselves! Self-acupuncture pens are available for relatively low prices on Amazon, which is where we obtained our pen. We even gifted one to a friend because they loved the results from one treatment! Operating the pen is quite easy. The pens that are battery operated usually take an AA battery. Once the battery is in, the operator can set the pen from 0 (on) to higher levels such as 5 (highest). 


The process actually feels like a thin needle continuously poking your skin. The use of gel or massage oil helps with the stinging sensation. Interestingly, when the pen stimulates your meridian lines or certain nerves, it stimulates your muscles into a reaction similar to when the doctor checks your nervous system by using a reflex hammer to check your knee reflex. It is not as strong (maybe for some people) however, it is very fascinating to see your body relax by working out those kinks in certain areas of your body. One thing to remember is that it is an electric current. For individual or assisted use with a partner, a person has to complete the circuit by keeping the other hand on the body or the partner places their other hand on the receiver’s body. 


We recommend this product highly because it actually works after repetitive use; at least once a week. Our muscle tension in our arms and shoulders decreased quite a bit. Also, we recommend that people invest in a rechargeable pen so a person does not have to rely on batteries and a pen with a rubber grip to lessen the shock from holding the pen. We acquired the cost-friendly pens but soon we plan to upgrade. It is well worth the investment. To wellness!