Transplanting mint into soil ;-)

Transplanting mint into soil ;-)

Today, this post is focused on transplanting mint. We’ve successfully transplanted mint at our in-ground garden plot before, and it grew to a magnificent ground cover and pest deterrent. Mint can be grown from seed or by root cuttings into soil or water.

Transplanting mint into the soil: instructions

First, we gathered some mint cuttings from a friend. However, we pulled them too early, and some of them wilted on our way home. We attempted to revive them by placing them in water overnight. One survived so we prepared a pot and soil for it!!
Second, we mixed the soil with a small amount of beginner compost.  It is full of wood chips or “brown” material so adding compost should improve the soil quality. The beginner compost is about 3 weeks old. Hopefully the addition of more fruit and veggie scraps, we can make more homemade compost!
Last, we filled up the container pot two-three inches from the top with soil. We removed the mint cutting from the water and planted it about 1-1/2 inches into the soil.

Transplanting mint into the soil: update!

Transplanting mint into the soil in container pots went very well. The mint transplant was a success! Above is the results three days after the transplant and here it is a week later. 🙂