White Fungi in Container Pots

White Fungi in Container Pots

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Howdy! If you are attempting a balcony garden, we know it can be a daunting task. We are transitioning from a 400 square foot garden to less than 100 square foot balcony with container pots. However, we encountered some white fungi on the soil of the plants in container pots. We want to make this balcony garden as affordable as possible (DIY and cheap). Our current garden conditions consist of an apartment balcony that is exposed to less than 6 hours of sun. The white fungi appeared white and spotted on the soil. There were also fungi gnats. The fungus took advantage of our situation so we decided to do some research! We found out that cinnamon works really well. The result was great! Cinnamon’s anti-fungal properties really improved the quality of the soil.

Instructions for removing white fungi in container pots

The first task is to let the soil dry for a while. Initially, we watered a little every day, which in turn created a moist playground for white fungi in our container pots. Factor in the humidity from Austin’s spring weather along with the rain created a sweltering and muggy environment.

Next, sprinkle a light layer of cinnamon on the top layer of the soil. Then wait for the next day! The soil was pretty dry on the third day, so we watered a little bit to get the top of the soil moist.

Last, relax! After pruning, the kale seemed to stretch for the sky and the soil was brown again! We learned to water every other day or just as needed due to the weather. Cinnamon is a great solution for combating white fungi on the soil in container pots.

Share with us of your trials and triumphs with your household plants! We really love to hear successful ( and not so successful) stories with any kind of garden. Here’s to happy gardening!